Unit 201, 202 (formerly CS30) Chainsaw Maintenance and cross cutting

Unit 201 covers regular/routine maintenance that should be performed on a chainsaw by its operator. This includes components such as spark plugs, filters, chain brake, cooling system, exhaust system, clutch/drive system, sprocket, starter, lubrication, guide bar and chain. You will also learn about the different types of chain, how to identify them, and how to sharpen them.

Unit 202 covers cross cutting felled or fallen trees at ground level, in to manageable sections, or to a given length and diameter specification. This includes timber that is under tension and/or compression due to various situations, but does not cover the extreme tension/ compression or severing of root plates as covered in Emergency Tree Care. Cross cutting operations, also includes snedding or de-limbing.

Course aims

  • Be able to work safely
  • Be able to carry out maintenance of chainsaw and cutting system
  • Be able to carry out operational chainsaw checks
  • Know relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice
  • Be able to cross-cut timber using a chainsaw