Ground Course

Units 201, 202 and 203, formally CS30 and CS31
Chainsaw Maintenance, Crosscutting Timber,  Felling & Process Trees up to 380mm diameter Using a Chainsaw

This week long course covers regular/routine maintenance that should be performed on a chainsaw by its operator,  cross cutting felled or fallen trees at ground level, and the directional felling of trees using a chainsaw.

The felling technique will be appropriate to tree size, weight, condition and species as well as taking into account guidebar size and weather conditions. This covers both coniferous and broadleaved trees, trees that are upright, trees that are weighted towards and that are weighted against a given felling direction.

Course aims

  • Be able to work safely
  • Know relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice
  • Be able to carry out maintenance of chainsaw and cutting system
  • Be able to carry out operational chainsaw checks
  • Be able to cross-cut timber using a chainsaw
  • Know how to fell and process trees up to 380mm diameter
  • Know how to remove branches from felled trees using a chainsaw
  • Know how to take down hung-up trees
  • Be able to fell and process trees up to 380mm diameter

The first day of the course is classroom based, with a mix of theory and practical learning.  The rest of the week is spent in a woodland, learning & practicing various techniques and skills.

There will be a independent assessment typically 1 to 2 weeks later. The assessment takes about half a day. If successful, you will receive an NPTC City & Guilds qualification. This qualification is for life, and is the industry standard. 


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Maintenence & Crosscutting assessment

Felling assessment