A tree survey involves a site visit and visual tree health and risk assessment. The trees are individually tagged and plotted on a map (where available). The findings from the survey are documented in a table giving the tree species, measurements, condition and recommendations based on the likelihood of failure, the size of the tree part and the target area surrounding the tree.

We can provide highly detailed tree surveys of a whole woodland or a one off tree.

Whether you need a survey for your architect, the planning department (in accordance with BS5837 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction), your insurance company or as a plan for future tree works, we can work with all the parties involved to provide the survey you need.

We can plot tree locations on a site plan, or use GPS to plot trees on an OS map.

The inspection is usually carried out from ground level, using visual observations only. Any further investigations required are outlined in the recommendations area of the report.

Any Tree works carried out as recommended in the report should conform to BS 3998 Recommendations for Tree work 2010.

Our arborist has over 25 years experience working with trees, and is a qualified arboricultural and forestry trainer and assessor, and holds Lantra Professional Tree Inspection Certification.